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The work of 3BCAR scientists contributed to the establishment of several start-up :


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THANAPLAST : biodegradable plastics with planned endlife 


The purpose of this project is to develop industrial biological processes to enhance innovative plastic waste and produce a new generation of biodegradable plastics in end of life set.

CARBIOS signed a partnership agreement in the amount of € 7 million with TWB, industrial pre demonstrator established in 2012 as part of the Institute Carnot 3BCAR.

Applications will be immediate: not only set after production, self-destruction plastic disposable bags such as household or agricultural mulch films; but also endlessly recycle plastic waste by a biological process for recovering the basic constituents of plastic, identical to those produced from petroleum.


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BioEnTech is an innovative start-up specializing in anaerobic digestion processes.

BioEnTech provides services for modeling, supervision, conduct, assist in the design and optimization of biogas plants.

BioEnTech was founded in April 2013 by two people with complementary profiles: Jeremiah Miroux has twelve years experience in the industry including the implementation of draft complete technological line for agribusiness and biotechnology and Laurent Lardon, a former research laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology at Narbone (EBL) has a PhD in chemical engineering and an expert in biogas.

BioEnTech has supported since its creation and support of the Institute Carnot 3BCAR via LBE and INRIA, two laboratories internationally recognized for their excellence in the field of anaerobic digestion and modeling of bioprocesses. LBE welcomes experimental activities BioEnTech and INRIA participates in new software developments.




Agronutrition designs, manufactures and markets micro-nutrients for crops.

Located in the industrial fabric Toulouse 250m hangar 221, it was completely destroyed, 21 September 2001, during the explosion of the AZF factory. To survive, it had to rebuild its development by building on the three pillars of sustainable development in Spring 2002.

In less than 10 years, its turnover increased from 5 to €31 million and its workforce from 27 to 91 employees.

Agronutrition believes that to meet the challenges of food, energy and environmental challenges will face global agriculture in the coming years, farmers will be offered efficient products and services, eco-efficient and energy efficient.

This was after a meeting with Dr. Zéphirin Mouloungui UMR 1010 LCA, part of 3BCAR, born the collaborative research project "adjuvantation, complexation and agrochemical vectorization" in the amount of 800 K €.




Currently incubated with a goal of creating early 2015 SOLIDERGY is a startup that is developing a concept Montpelliéraine for use directly in motor and burner the explosive powders finely ground biomass, using a patented process, simple, clean and economical .

Based on research on bio-refineries (INRA, UMR IATE) and bio-energy (CIRAD, UPR BIOWOOEB) SOLIDERGY has developed a technology to run an engine with powders biomass origins varied (agricultural and forest residues, packaging, paper, cardboard, pallets, dedicated crops).

SOLIDERGY will develop three successive generations of technology powders to meet the needs of different segments of identified markets (simple stationary engines for agricultural and craft services, powerful industrial engines for electricity networks, lightweight and flexible to transport engines).




Former start-up created in 1999, METabolic EXplorer is a Biological Chemistry company, based in Clermont-Ferrand. It develops industrial solutions using a wide range of renewable resources to improve chemistry techniques based on conventional fossil resources.
Using the proven principle of industrial fermentation, bioprocess developed by METabolic EXplorer is based on the uses of the best non-pathogenic microorganisms in a controlled environment. This technology can produce, without fossil carbon, chemical compounds in the composition of many everyday products: paints, solvents, biobased plastics, textiles, surgical thread or animal feed.






Created in 2005, Naskeo Environment is an independent French company based in Paris, active in the renewable energy sector. The company builds anaerobic digestion facilities (biogas) for the valorization of organic waste and organic effluents. The company has a lab based in Narbonne, which makes the characterization of waste, methane potential tests and research on the anaerobic digestion of algae.







Founded in 2003, VEGEPLAST is a company specialized in transformation of renewable resources 100% biodegradable plastics by injection molding. Based in Martres-Tolosane, the company built its first factory in Tarbes. The company develops all types of agro-materials for uses in the areas of food packaging, agriculture, animal nutrition, sports and leisure or defense.


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NOVITOM - innovative applied micro-tomography


Created in 2011, NOVITOM is a service company in high-resolution micro 3D-images which exploits the unique properties of X-ray beams emitted by the synchrotron radiation centers to provide a set of micro-tomographic analysis with performances superior to laboratory equipments.


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